It has been brought to my attention that my life is a matter of public discussion.

“Why is she downgrading?” That is the question that has been troubling many of the people on the apparently existent panel of experts.So let me answer the query for all of those minds who are baffled by my choices as of late by making one thing clear as crystal.

I do what I want to do.

I do not care about what you have to say.

I do not want your advice, because I do not need it, and when I come into a situation where I require your counsel, I will humbly ask for it.

I do not appreciate your noses sniffing around in matters that are personal to me, because I am more than sure that you will not find me reciprocating your curiosity in the same manner.

This world should be built on a foundation of trust and privacy. Even though it is not, maybe you and I can make our space some of the rare few that involve minding our own business.

So, my dear knights of the round table, if you have not received the hint as of yet, take this as a memo stating that you are all fired, even if it is from a job nobody hired you to do.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. karthiksurya1993 says:

    Yes, I agree with you society is a bi*ch and it will try to drag us down to their level every single time we try or do some thing.
    that they don’t approve of.


    1. riavantgarde says:

      Exactly, and they don’t understand that some people just don’t give a damn about their opinion.


      1. karthiksurya1993 says:

        I like your blog, keep writing and express your views.
        PS. I am a motivational blogger and I have a feeling that you are gonna like it.


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