The sun shone high, its heat, overwhelming.
Sweat trickled down my scalp as I sat down on a nearby rock. I put my bag aside and took off my sandals.

The wind blew my hair in every direction, but I didn’t mind. I knew my hair would be dry and full of tangles by the time I would leave, but I wasn’t going to fight the force of nature. I fought it everyday. Today, I would succumb.

The sun was taking its time to touch the water, even though it would have to, eventually. The heat didn’t bother me anymore, and I was in no hurry. I would wait for it to make way for the moon.

Miles and miles of water stretched out in front of me. I could see the faint outline of a boat, near the horizon, the size of a pebble, because of the distance. Maybe a fisherman coming home, I thought.

Children sat with their feet dipped into the water, their parents warning them not to go further every two minutes.

A couple stood at the water’s edge, one hand around their other half, and the other hand, slightly holding up their trousers. The waves would die down and only a faint stream of water came forward occasionally, wetting their feet.

A gang of teenagers were posing, as a friend of theirs clicked their pictures with a ginormous camera. They were all enjoying themselves, I could see.

Snack vendors roamed around, singing parodies of famous Bollywood songs to grab the attention of the crowd.

I closed my eyes. I could hear the sound of the waves breaking against the rocks, and the sound of birds chirping, making their way home. I focused my attention on these sounds until they started sounding like music.

The sun began its journey downwards. The sky was cloudless. The sun didn’t have to worry, its beauty would be unchallenged today, for there was no one to try to cover its shine.

I watched the sun descend, changing hues from bright yellow to orange, and then to a flaming red. The sky changed colors with it, bidding its light goodbye. Blue, to orange.

The water’s splashes calmed me, as always, making me forget the world where money, clocks and so many other artificial restraints bind humanity. It took me to my own little reality, a place where I could be who I was, without the fear of being judged. A place where I could spend my day reading and writing, with no place to rush off to, where simplicity would be valued, and truth would be respected, where I could pretend that we weren’t born to do what everyone else is doing and lose ourselves. My happy place, was a place where we could find ourselves.

I opened my eyes just in time to see the sun embrace the water, and set the sky ablaze. I had seen it a million times already, but each like each, the view warmed my heart.

I loved the way the beach made me feel, and will always continue to.

Boundless, and infinite.


Photo by Abhishek Na on Instagram


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